• Otter Wax Special Combo Pack

Otter Wax Special Combo Pack

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Otter Wax Special Combo Pack

  • OW Canvas Cleaner - Mild soap to clean your waxed canvas jackets, bags, hats, etc., before re-waxing, and for cleaning non-waxed gear.
  •  OW Heavy Duty Fabric Wax - Waxed canvas dries out and needs to be periodically re-waxed. Use the Canvas Cleaner first. Also can be used to add wax to other pieces of clothing. Easy to apply.
  • OW Cleaning Brushes - Choose Natural Tampico for cleaning fabrics and leather (without scratching) or Horsehair Buffing Brush (not pictured) for brushing and buffing clothing and leather. 
  • OW Odor Eliminator - Infinitely better than scented alcohol-based products that mask odor. All-natural enzymes and botanicals. De-funking refresher for your jeans so you can keep your friends. Personally endorsed by Tommy and 4-star-customer Erik.
Type: Accessories    
Vendor: Otter Wax

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