Our Story

At Two Jacks Denim, we proudly offer only U.S.-made men’s clothing and accessories. We are dedicated to curating and supplying top-quality artisanal products, and a shopping experience of superior quality to our customers.

Behind every pair of handmade denim jeans is a story about a designer/maker who is passionate about the materials, from denim to rivets to pocket bags, and the workmanship that goes into each stitch. The denim is a story about the Industrial Revolution, of which cotton and textile mills played a significant role. The shuttle looms prevalent in those textile mills produced the selvedge denim that today is sought after by denim aficionados and produced by only a handful of mills in the United States and Japan.

We want our customers to write their own stories about a favorite pair of raw denim jeans perfectly molded to their bodies and faded to individual perfection. We want you to take the same pride in the clothing you purchase as the shop and the people who produce our goods do.

The Two Jacks

Our inspiration is two distinctly American writers known for their rugged individualism, sense of adventure and wild prose -- Jack London, who lived, worked, wrote and drank in Oakland, and Jack Kerouac, native of Lowell, Mass., home to many of America’s top textile mills during the Industrial Revolution and beyond. True American icons and two of the owner's favorite authors.