Alteration & Repair Services

Denim Hemming, Alterations & Repair Service

Two Jacks Denim offers a denim hemming, alterations and repair service. The work is done by an experienced, talented denim tailor, Anthony Ferrario. Services and prices:

Please note we handle only freshly washed, clean jeans for alterations and repairs. Service fees (cash only) are (updated 9/19/17):

  • Chain Stitch Hemming - $15/jeans bought in shop; $25/others/pre-pay
  • Crotch Blow-Outs - $15/panel/jeans bought in shop; $18/others/pre-pay
  • Back Pocket Repair - $20/jeans bought in shop; $24/others/pre-pay
  • Front Pocket Repair - $10/jeans bought in shop; $12/others/pre-pay
  • Knee Blow-Outs (big/small) - $20/$15 jeans bought in shop; $24/$18/others/pre-pay
  • Reduce Waist - $45/Set appt. w/tailor.
  • Taper Legs - $45/Set appt. w/tailor.