Sizing & Care


  • Raw denim will stretch approximately .5" to 1" in the waist, and in the thigh and seat. Go for a snug fit, a little tight but not so tight you can't button them up. If the jeans fit 'just right' when you try them on, chances are they will get a little bigger after the break-in period.
  • The jeans we offer are Sanforized, a pre-shrinking process that limits shrinkage to about 2%. After washing or soaking, the jeans may seem a little tighter but that's only temporary.
  • We include Sizing charts with measurements. Compare the measurements to your favorite jeans.
  • Read the product description carefully to ensure you're choosing the right fit, e.g., slim straight, slim tapered, roomy, etc. Just because a fit is popular doesn't mean it's the right fit for you. Select the fit that's best for your body type.
  • We don't sell jeans made with stretch (elastane or lycra) denim. It's against our religion. Just say no to stretch denim
  • Finally, if you're not sure about the fit contact us for some assistance. 


Here are some recommendations for washing raw denim:

  • Wear as long as possible before the first wash;
  • Wash only as needed and as little as possible;
  • Use cold water only;
  • Use a little mild, non-stain-removing detergent/soap (e.g., Woolite);
  • Wash by hand or on the delicates cycle, inside out;
  • Hang dry (never, under any circumstances, put them in the dryer).

Another option that some prefer is to soak the jeans in cold water, with vinegar and salt to set the dye, before wearing. While the jeans are still damp, put them on and wear until dry. Tellason advocates this soaking method.

All of the jeans sold at Two Jacks Denim, except the Levi’s Vintage 501s, are Sanforized, a process that reduces shrinkage to 1%– 2%. The Levi’s Vintage 501s are "shrink-to-fit" or un-Sanforized.

A good source of information on raw denim and how to care for it can be found on the popular blogs: